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High quality products
The importance of our items requires refined, washable and comfortable materials that you can find in different new colours. Materials have exclusively been chosen among italian suppliers and the working process is done with extreme care and attention for the details. These materials are available in microfibre or in faux leather according to the model and your choice!

Faux leather
Faux leather has a good consistency, smooth and resistant, easy to wash. It doesn’t absorb smells and you can choose your favourite colour among the great variety of tonalties.

501     white 638     electric blue
905      beige 635      blu navy
996     white cream 800     dark green
400     brown 631     dark blue
451     dark brown 151     grey
025     straw yellow 3017   bright red
038     yellow ochre 382     brick red
6020   blue sky 385     bordeaux

Microfibre is washable, really practic, smooth and breathable, dirty and weather proof. It is suitable especially for some of our sofas. The variety of colours includes:

112      light blue 125      ORANGE
114      navy 116      grey
107      brown 123      green
117      black 105      red
000      light green 008      violet
007      blue sky  

Microfibre with animals print
Colours available for pillows are:

01     giraffe 05    spotted white/black
02     spotted brown 06     zebra
03     leopard 07     tiger
04     cheetah  ->Onlinezoo Shop<-
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